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Working on paper minis again full time. Can’t wait to post some new work. For now I”ll post a pic of the project I’ll be picking up again soon. The 421st Marine Expeditionary Unit , “Canal Rats”  stationed at Mars Base.

The first set I did was a mod and recolor of the Terra Force Basic Troops set from Mayhem in Paper. It is available as bonus content in that set, which is a steal as a ton of bonus material has been added to it over the years!

I also did a couple of vehicles. The first was the Percheron from Genet Models and then the Onager from Genet as well. I have to build, and photograph the Onager as it was destroyed by Catzilla! In the meantime here is a pic of the Perchy and the Canal Rats.

Until next time, watch the papercuts!!


Save the Day!! Super powered RPG

Hello good people and welcome to the newest issue of the Superior City Post, fresh off the presses.  In today’s news David Okum famed artist, writer and C.E.O. of Okumarts Global Conglomerate or O.G.C.has launched a new kickstarter.

You guys remember David. He did a great game a few years ago called Katana schoolgirls and Zombie Furries. It was so awesome that it inspired some local young people to dress up like the characters in the game and reenact some of their adventures! The cosplayers at Superior City Comic Con were so real looking that they kept the police department busy for three days chasing down frantic calls from frightened citizens.

After that success David switched directions last year and ran a very successful kickstarter campaign for a new dungeon crawl game called Darkfast Dungeons. It was AWESOME!! (And the cause of many missed deadlines for this reporter I can tell you.) Seriously, its tons of fun and easy to learn, and thankfully nobody dressed up as a bugbear and ran through the streets at this years con.  For now though thats enough discussion of past successes and let’s get on to why we’re here: a fresh, kid friendly, supers roleplaying game called “Save the Day!”

Here is the kickstarter page where you lucky subscribers can find all of the up to date info:

and here is a  teaser trailer that our videographers managed to capture of a super hero in action!

Readers, let’s get it straight from the start. Kid friendly does not mean boring or watered down. In this case it just means that they’ll be able to grasp it quickly and jump into the fun along with everyone else! The game looks cool and is based on four color comicbook action. Okumarts Global Conglomerate has just posted a test drive product with several pregenerated characters and an introductory adventure for you to view, and then hopefully decide to get involved with their new project.

From the press release we were given, this test drive has printable minis in David’s world famous, awesome style for both the heroes, and the villain along with his henchmen. It also has an intro adventure featuring 3 separate encounters! If you have played one of the games I mentioned at the beginning of this post then you pretty much have the mechanics under your belt and are in for a real treat. Sharing the mechanics between games was a nice touch. I felt like I knew what I was doing right away.

To grab your very own copy of the test drive and get into action saving the world, pick it up here:

Also according to the press release, this campaign will have some awesome stretch goals as well. Most goals are listed plainly, but for one goal Mr. Okum has been highly secretive. It was only by a little fast camera action and derring-do by yours truly that we finally have an early rendering of a building that is reminiscent of a super team headquarters or some such area. At this time we can only speculate about its identity.        *****CLASSIFIED PHOTO*******

 Future updates on this development as they occur! When we get more news, you’ll be the first to know.

Check out the current stretch goals! 

Also, here is a character generation video:

and an actual gameplay video! (Kinda long, so make popcorn!)Good stuff though!

Also, to help spread the word, Okumarts Global Conglomerate has made some cool avatars available. Grab some and start using your alter ego on your various forums and hangouts today! 

As you can see David has outdone himself this time. The game looks fun and easy to grasp and after reading through the test drive materials, I can’t wait to dive right in. Head on over to kickstarter today and pledge for this great game.

That’s it for this edition everybody, but I’ll see you soon with another adventure from the Superior City Post.

Until then, watch the papercuts!

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Trailer Park by Finger and Toe Models

Hello everybody and welcome to another paper mini blog by yours truly! In this edition we are taking a look at the new Trailer Park set from my good friend Glenn Williams over at Finger and Toe Models, whose motto is “Models that won’t cost you an arm and a leg!”

Glenn has been doing great paper models for a number of years and my first model of his was the “Slagtown” dystopian future set. He’s done terrain and models in many genres including: western, sci- fi, military, ancients, and modern, and has a total of 130 pieces in his catalog on

The trailer park set is great for all of the modern zombie games out there, and has many other uses as well. This set comes in 28mm and is a breeze to put together. It comes with a single-wide trailer in three different colors and an optional bay window, and a double-wide set up with carport and three different color schemes. The colors for both sets are red, yellow and blue.

Here are some shots of the models. I used the pale blue scheme for the double-wide and yellow for the single-wide. (The ground tiles are homemade TCP tiles using Worldworksgames Hinterlands textures.)(The mini bases are clear acrylic from Litko.) As always please excuse the poor picture quality, its completely my fault. Click the pictures for a better view!






This last one is a shot of the single-wide trailer in action. (The minis are the breathers set from Darkmook and some of his survival horror zombies. Also, a mod of the cool mystery machine paper model by Gary Williams.)


The trailer park set and all of Glenn’s models come with “SMOOSH ASSURANCE”: if ya’ll smoosh your Trailer Park, a new set awaits your summons from hard drive and printer. Everybody head over to Glenn’s page on wargamesvault and pick up some cool models!

Also, Cardboard Warriors has just ended this years Papercuts awards. There were many good entries and they need to be voted on, so head over and cast your votes!

That it for this edition, but I’ll see you soon with a CISS review and another cool paper model review! Until then watch the papercuts!

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Pigmi Games Splinterwood Elven Army

Hello everybody! Here we are again with a paper mini review! Today we are looking at some Elven minis from my friend Aaron Hopkins from Pigmi Games. I am actually reviewing every set from the Elven army today as I have gotten behind and wanted to show them all. They are really quite good and were a blast to build. The minis are 30mm and go well with any figures between 28mm and 32mm. Also, with them being done at a high dps they resize nicely.

Pigmi games is selling through the Mayhem in Paper imprint on Rpgnow and other affiliate sites. You can get everything seen here and more that I haven’t gotten to yet (Goblins!) at this link: Pigmi Games

Okay here we go!(As always please excuse the sorry pictures, as its completely my fault. I’m working on that. I know the mini tripod is around here somewhere….)

First up is the Freebie Splinterwood Elven Hero on a Battle Yak and Elven standard bearer. You’ve gotta have someone leading from the front, and a super cool looking mount does the trick!

Freebies Hero & Standard

I love that Aaron has thought through the elves history and added some background fluff to his sets. Next up are the the front line Splinterwood Spearmen. These have several poses with spears at different angles. They also have a leader and standard bearer/musician.

A unique fraternity of Splinterwood Elves the Splinter Spears are highly trained to move as one and strike as one. They start their training when they are very young and once they are inducted into the Spears they are a member for life. By themselves a Splinter Spear would be a formidable opponent but as a group they possess the skill to turn the tide of any battle. It is not surprising that so many of the Splinter Knights are pulled from the dedicated ranks of the Splinter Spears.




Next is Qellduvinen and the Dryads. They are really nice figures and come in several different colors. I chose the green for this particular build. Also, there are a ton of minis included as you can see in the pics.

Though Dryas is still among the Elves and can be called upon in times of Great need, it is Qellduvinen that is the matron of Dryads, or daughters of Drayas. She is the eldest among them that still communes with the Elves and her desires still lay with the moving things of the world. She has seen many of her sisters and daughters taste from the bittersweet cup of love and seen many still that were lost to it disappearing back into the forest when their lovers had gone the way of all living things. Though she has only had one lover, her heart remains open and the idea of taking a new one isn’t completely out of the question.



Next are the Splinterwood archers. They come in four different colors and there are eight poses. I really love the attention to detail on these figures, especially the bows.

One of the most deadly predators of the Splinterwoods is the Splinter Archer. A sisterhood bent on protecting the Splinterwoods. Young elf maidens are inducted as soon as they show any skill with the bow. Once they are inducted they are Splinter Archers for life and will proudly brandish the Charin bows made from the twisted branches of the Charin tree, the strongest wood in the known world.

Elven Archers

After the archers we finally get to some mounted troops: Splinterwood Kl’cari Calvary! Very fierce and a nice addition to the army, providing scout and shock troops all in one!

The Splinterwood Kl’cari have developed an almost Amazonian quality to them taking on many distinguishing traits; such as the females growing antlers. Unlike many Cervus they don’t shed them at any time. The antlers will keep growing as time goes on and the Kl’cari are actually quite proud of them.
This difference in breeding also gives way to a more fierce nature rather than a sexual one. It is this fierceness that the Splinterwood elves have come to rely on. In fact, the Splinterwood elves have integrated the Kl’cari so deeply into their society that it is not uncommon to find them in every part of the elven social structure.

Kl'cari Calvary

Next up and probably my absolute favorite of the army so far, (although it was close) is the Splinterwood Green Dragon!

The Greater Green Dragons are found only in the heart of Splinterwood. This model can stand nine inches tall if built fully upright and has a nine inch wing span. It is huge, and will be a nice centerpiece for any Elven or Nature army!

The Greater Green Dragon begins it’s life as a whelp born into a clutch of three or four. Sadly many of those eggs will never reach adulthood as, though a mother Dragon can be fierce and terrible, she can’t always protect her offspring from predators.

Lets watch now as one of the eggs begins to hatch. See the spine growing out of the young dragons nose. that’s a form of egg tooth and will eventually fall off to be replaced by a leathery upper lip. Notice also that he has no wings at all. The wings of the Greater green dragon don’t start to grow in for the first two years of it’s life. This leaves it free to move quickly through the underbrush and hunt its food as well as avoid the predators that will be stalking it for a few years to come.

Once the Dragon is borne his mother will leave the clutch to their own devices and our young male has to grow up very quickly. Now quickly for a Dragon is a relative term as it will take nearly 70 years before he reaches his full height, but as we skip forward to his adolescence we see that he’s the size of a large horse and his wings have fully developed at this point. It’s time to try out the wings. Tentatively he stands on the precipice of a large drop and with one final act of courage he pushes off leaving terra-firma behind as he soars (albeit awkwardly) through the skies. Yes, flying will take some getting used to, but in time he will become an aerial master.

Here we have caught up to our Dragon and we find him sniffing around an old rock quarry. For many years it was unknown why the greater green dragons were drawn to sites such as these and we sit quietly as he sniffs out and chooses a piece of rock and uncharacteristically begins to gnaw away at it until he has completely devoured it. It is the Magnesium in the rocks that he is after. Soon it will be dissolved in his stomach and is absorbed into his blood and transported into a special bladder where it becomes the final ingredient in a volatile cocktail of gasses that when mixed with oxygen explodes into a stream of flame. It is clear by his unhappy look that he’s going to need some practice at directing the flow of his fire.

As we skip forward another 60 years we see our young male at the peak of his maturity. His wings are large and impressive. Looking upon him we see him as all have come to envison the Greater green dragon of Splinterwood. The Orange yellow coloration is as much to impress females as it is to scare off rivals, and the same with his horns. They aren’t for defense as the teeth, fire, claws and spines are all good for that purpose. The Horns are to impress the ladies … the bigger the horns the more likely he’s going to have the right stuff … they won’t impale him because they curl around the side of his head. The Greater green dragon male’s horns will grow for the remainder of his life and Dragon skulls have been found that have horns weighing in excess of 300 lbs.

The spines are like fingernails, they can filed down and they will grow back. Often those who are talented enough to ride such a creature must file down the spines where the saddle will be. The tail of the greater dragon ends in a large bony protrusion that is shapes like a scythe perfect for splitting wood and skulls alike. Dragons will spend hours sharpening it on trees and rocks.

Though the Splinterwood elves have taken to riding these great monsters they can only do so because the rider develops an affinity with the dragon at a very young age. This requires patience and a near psychic ability that only one elf in a thousand will possess. Most times it’s best to just avoid this fierce and noble creature of the great Splinterwoods. Let’s leave it now to continue on in it’s journey of life.

Green Dragon

Last for this review are the Splinterwood Jara Bird Racers. These aren’t a combat unit as such. They are super fast racers! Do you want to have a day at the track to wind down from that Goblin attack last week? If so, this set is for you! It comes with six different Jara bird racers, constructable dice, a race track and rules.

The Splinterwood elves love racing and nothing gets their blood pumping like a good Jara Jara bird race. It’s very common for outsiders to get the Jara Jara confused with the common Jara bird though they are close cousins they are not the same bird.
The Jara Jara bird is the fastest land animal on the continent and can run unburdened up to 75 MPH. So the riders of the Jara Jara have to have amazing reflexes and quick wits.
The Female Jara Jara bird is a domestic creature and will never stray far from the nesting area. All racing birds are males which makes for an interesting time as they are completely territorial and will not stand the company of another male, this includes Splinterwood elves. This is why all the riders have to be females the Jara Jara birds will attack any male trying to ride them.

The only thing that the elves like better than watching the races is betting on them, and now you can to!

Place all the racers on any number and roll the dice. Whichever bird’s number comes up gets moved one space forward. Whoever crosses the finish line first is the winner.

Jari Jari  Riders


Thanks for coming around everybody! I know this was a long one, but I really had a blast building the Elves. My next review won’t be as long, because I am reviewing my new continuous ink supply system for my Epson xp-310 printer. (Works great, huge savings on printing) After that I will be doing a review of some modernish trailer park models from my buddy Glenn Williams over at Finger and Toe Models.

See you next time everybody, and until then watch the papercuts!

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Darkfast Dungeons Cavern Set Preview and Second Wandering Monster!

Hello everybody! Back again with another post and an update on the Darkfast Dungeons Kickstarter by my friend David Okum at Okum arts.

As you can see, we are just over $4000! (with paypal pledges included) Thats great! Our next stretch goal is at $5000, and that will add in the Cavern Tiles and Walls set. At $6000 He will add in a super cool prop set from Fat Dragon Games. A big thanks to Tom over there for sponsoring! Speaking of the Cavern Set, here are some shots of it in “action”.

The second shot is basically the tiles and walls in the preview set. The walls on the right side are freeform walls that you bend into shape. Pretty nifty. Also included in the set are some Zombie Gnome minis, a Gnome surveyor and cards for the game!

Next up is something pretty exciting. We have reached our second wandering monster,
THE POTATO SALAD THAT ATE KICKSTARTER! It comes with three monster minis, tokens and cards for the game.

Love the tongue in cheek reference to the smash hit potato salad kickstarter that was going on last week. Here are some pictures of it in use.

“What is that!?!”

Well thats it for now. Drop by the Darkfast Dungeons kickstarter and pledge today!!

Until next time, watch the papercuts!


Darkfast Dungeons Free Skirmish Tryout Set—Now with Dread Gazebo Wandering Monster!

Hey everybody! HA! Two posts in one week. Writing again to update everyone with the status of the Darkfast Dungeons Kickstarter. Its chugging along just fine and has hit $3000. WOOT! That opens the 4 Dragons stretch goal along with the 12 different Heroes stretch goal! Coming up at $5000 is the cavern tiles and walls set. Hold on though! Before we get to that I wanted to showcase the free skirmish/tryout set that Dave has put out to get people aquainted with the basic rules and mechanics. You can get the free set here: Darkfast Dungeons Skirmish Set

Here are some shots of the set! The first is everything in the set except the rules, which I forgot to take a picture of. I’ll have to remedy that. Included are 2 minis(Pigface orc and a Warrior), (love the pigface orcs! Old school!), character cards, 2 sample tiles, talent cards, dark secret cards, and wildcards, and the various tokens to mark things during play.

In the interest of getting this post up fast, I printed everything on label paper and then mounted the tiles and tokens on chipboard. Usually I print everything on Hammermill 80lb premium coverstock. This really makes the figures and buildings I put together pop. Anyway, here are the pics. (Please excuse the poor pic quality. I’m using my old cybershot. My wife said I should use her Nikon DLSR, but I have to figure out all the buttons and doo-hickeys on it first :P)

Next are the figures: DFD5

Then the tokens and cards: DFD4

and lastly, health point tokens: DFD3

Also, Dave just released a free wandering monster for the game and you can get it here: Dread Gazebo Its the DREAD GAZEBO!!! RUN EVERYBODY!! This is a cool tongue in cheek homage to the story of the Dread Gazebo by Richard Aronson. If you dont know that story, you can find it here: Eric and the Dread Gazebo

Now for the pics! Everything included in the promo (Tiles are from the Skirmish set) Gazebo1

Then the figures, both Regular Gazebo and the Dread Gazebo! Gazebo2

and finally the character card and fury tokens! Gazebo3

Well everybody, I hope you go and download the skirmish and the wandering monster promos and give them a try. Also, if you haven’t signed up for the kickstarter yet (what’s wrong with you?!?), you can get involved with the fun here: Darkfast Dungeons Kickstarter

Thanks for checking out the blog and until next time, watch out for papercuts!

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Darkfast Dungeons Kickstarter

I’m really happy to be posting on this blog once more. I’ve missed it and all of my papercraft friends a ton over the last 10 months, and with that said, let’s hit the ground running!

My good friend Dave Okum from Okumarts is running a kickstarter for his new game “Darkfast Dungeons”. This is going to be epic!! He’s been talking about doing this for a long while, and now we’re finally there! This game features his figures and artwork, which are fantastic. His sets always have plenty of style and movement, and look awesome on the table. I already have all of his figure sets, which are available here: Okumarts Rpgnow and they’re great, so pick them up now!! Also, many of the sets have bonus easter egg content that adds to the value. He even has a freebie set of Darkfast figures that you can try just in case you’re not ready to jump in with both feet.

Check out his kickstarter, its running from now until Aug 7th. There are some great addons available already and he will be updating the page with Stretch goals soon. As I write this, we are already at 56%!!!
Check it out here: Darkfast Dungeons

Until next time, Watch the paper cuts!